Tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland

4 Calls to Action

Malnutrition (as undernutrition) is a significant public health issue. 1 in 10 older people in Scotland today are at risk of, or living with malnutrition, however from our own prevalence data, we think this may be an underestimate, with as many 30% of older people living in the community at risk.

Malnutrition is largely preventable and treatable but despite this, the problem has been largely ignored.

Together with our impact and learning, and our stakeholders, we have identified 4 simple calls to action that, if implemented, would make a positive difference to older people's lives and reduce costs to the health service.

Read our 4 Calls to Action

Read our 2018 - 2020 Impact & Learning report: The Hidden Problem

What our supporters say

“People aged over 65 are more likely than any other age group to suffer from malnutrition. Sadly, a reduced appetite and weight loss have become regarded by some as a normal sign of getting older – but this isn’t true. Eat Well Age Well’s 4 simple calls to action, if implemented, would make a positive difference to older people’s lives.”

Tracy MacInnes, BDA Policy Officer for Scotland

Twitter Chat #EWAWChat

In 2020 we held a series of Twitter Chats with discussion topics based around our 4 Calls to Action. Our aim was to hear the public’s views on why change is needed now to better support older people in Scotland with food and eating well.

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