About UK Malnutrition Awareness Week

In 2018 BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force launched the first UK Malnutrition Awareness Week ©. This campaign has been set up to help raise the profile of malnutrition and encourage everyone to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms and highlight the importance of screening those at risk.

This year UK Malnutrition Awareness Week © takes place between 5th - 12th October 2020.

At Eat Well Age Well, our focus is on Scotland and how we can all play our part in supporting older adults in our communities to eat well, age well and live well.

This year we are campaigning that it is:

2020 has proved more than ever that urgent action is needed to create better food systems for older people in Scotland. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into the spotlight the challenges and barriers older people face on daily basis to access food and eat well and this needs to change.

Not being able to get to the shops, loss of regular support and loss of social interaction through shielding, are some of the factors that have made older people more vulnerable to the risks of malnutrition. With 1 in 10 older people in Scotland are already at risk or suffering from malnutrition, we need to build back better, and we hope that you will join us in our call that it is time for change.

How to Get Involved

1. Join in our Online Events
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2. Show Support on Social Media
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Let's make our voices heard online! Copy and paste the template post below and attach the accompanying graphic. Tweet during 5th - 12th Oct or schedule it in advance:
2020 has proved urgent action is needed to have better food systems for older people in Scotland.
I'm supporting @EatWellScot 'Time for Change' campaign to make a difference for older people during UK #Malnutrition Awareness Week.
#TimeForChangeScot #UKMAW2020

3. Make the Pledge - #TimeForChangeScot

We want to know your views on 'Why it is Time for Change' to have better support and systems in place for older people to be able to eat well, age well & live well in Scotland.

Download & print our pledge here.

Write your views, take a photo, then post on social media. You can use our template post below:

I'm supporting @EatWellScot 'Time for Change' campaign to make a difference for older people during UK #Malnutrition Awareness Week.

Share why you think it's time to change by downloading the pledge here: https://bit.ly/35pppN8

#TimeForChangeScot #UKMAW2020

4. Order Our Malnutrition Toolkit

Our 'Raising the Issue of Malnutrition Toolkit provides information and practical tools on how to help identify, prevent and treat malnutrition in older people. It is suitable for voluntary organisations, community groups, carers and individuals working or volunteering with older people in Scotland.


You can also sign up for one of our free virtual training sessions throughout the remainder of 2020.


Our Resources Section is full of more useful info, including videos and links that can be shared throughout the week.